Five Key Considerations Which Will Help You Choose the Right Car

Five Key Considerations Which Will Help You Choose the Right Car

Posted on Friday, December 13, 2016

Think ahead and get the right car for you.

Buying the right car involves a lot more than just looking at the features. When shopping for the car you’ll have with you, there’s a lot you should consider, from your financial health to your future plans. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind as you shop for a car.

What’s The Cost?

It seems obvious, but it can be surprisingly easy to buy more car than you can afford. And keep in mind your financial situation can change quickly in the future. When looking at your car, don’t just look at the sticker price. Do the math on what you’ll pay for gas, what it’ll cost to insurance, and what you’ll have to set aside for maintenance. That can change what you can afford fast, and don’t assume they’ll stay the same, even if you’re upgrading to a newer year of the same make and model.

What Will It Do?

We all buy cars to get us where we need to go, of course, but cars are more than four wheels and an engine, and it’s pretty easy to buy more car than you need. For example, are you planning to have a family in the near future? Then you might need more space than the gas-sipping compact you’re looking at has to offer. Conversely, if you need a car that can haul a literal ton, you probably should be looking at a pickup truck instead of a minivan. Sit down and write out a list of all the things you need your car to do for you, and see which suits your needs.

Who Else Will Drive It?

Another point worth considering, especially if you’ve got a household, is that you likely won’t be the only one behind the wheel. If a car will be shared between you and other members of the household, you should balance what you need and want from the car against what they need and want. You may have to compromise on what everyone wants to get what they need.

The right car is a dealership away!

How Long Will It Roll?

Another factor to consider is how long you want this car on the road. The average lifespan of an American car is steadily inching upward, thanks to better quality controls and precision machined parts, and is well past a decade at this point. So you have to ask yourself what the plan is. Are you going to keep your car until you pay it off, trade it in for a new one and repeat the cycle? Are you keeping it in your driveway until the wheels fall off? Will you be handing it off to a member of your family when you’re done with it? Have an idea, before you buy.

Where Do You Live?

Another point of consideration is the conditions where you live. Buyers in wintry states will need to look more closely at safety features and handling, while those in sunnier climates might want to consider climate control features and how the car deals with rain.

And don’t forget, any car you’re looking at, you should take it on a test drive. If you don’t like the car on a gut level when you drive it, there’s not really a point to buying it. To get started, search new vehicles.