How to Handle a Pushy Car Salesperson

How to Handle a Pushy Car Salesperson

Posted on Monday, July 17, 2017

You do not need to be a pushover to get those keys.

Not all car salespeople are the pushy stereotypes you see on TV. However, you do have a strong chance of running into a salesperson who will try not to accept “no” for an answer. When you are dealing with a pushy salesperson, here is how to handle the situation.

Avoid Altogether

One of the most effective ways to deal with pushy salespeople is to never step on the lot to buy a car. Many dealerships, fully aware of this reputation, have set up what they call “digital sales desks,” where you can correspond with salespeople entirely over email and IM and avoid the sales floor except to test drive and pick up the keys. It is not an ideal solution for everybody, but if you are very busy, socially anxious, or just hate the idea of haggling in person, it is one worth considering.

Come Prepared

The best way to shut down pushy salespeople is to give them nothing with which to work. Walk in the door with the research done, your financing all set, and a clear idea of what you want and what you do not want. The internet has made in-depth research of cars, pricing, and optional extras a simple matter that you should spend a weekend doing before you hit any dealership. The only thing you need to do in person is test-drive vehicles and sign paperwork.

That includes researching your dealership; people are quick to offer opinions online, and that can be an intensely useful resource for spotting dealerships with salespeople with whom you may not want to work. Finally, be familiar with common tactics and have responses ready; once it is clear what you want, even the pushiest salesperson will back off.

Be nice to everybody, and everybody will be nice to you.

Be Polite, But Firm

Even with the most obnoxious person in the world, the old saying that you get more flies with honey than vinegar remains the truth. Courtesy puts you at an advantage in any discussion because it sets the tenor and keeps the other person reasonable. Being polite does not mean being a pushover, either. It is fine to offer a firm “No thank you” to offers. If the salesperson keeps trying to push unwanted offers, just keep saying “No thank you” and remind him or her that you have already discussed this and it is a settled issue. Then redirect the conversation back to your car.

Remember You Can Leave

Another thing worth remembering is that there is no reason you need to buy your car from this particular dealership. Really, if you are getting nothing but a hard time, why would you? One way or the other, you are going to be in business with the dealership from which you buy for a long, long time. You will likely have your car serviced there, have recalls done there, and even trade your car there a some point down the line. If the start of all this leaves you with a bad feeling, that is unlikely to change. So, if things just are not progressing, thank the salesperson for his or her time and walk away.

Buying a new car is easier than ever, and right from the start, you can use the internet to find the right cars for you, the right financing, and the right dealership. Ready to start? Check out the research from CarFoundMe.