Hyundai Sonata vs Toyota Camry: Which Car is the Better Option?

Hyundai Sonata vs Toyota Camry: Which Car is the Better Option?

Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Can the Camry hold off the Sonata?

The Toyota Camry has enjoyed decades as the cheap, durable, effective family sedan of choice. But it has some stiff competition lately, in the form of the Hyundai Sonata. Both are great sedans, especially the 2018 models, but does one stand out in comparison?


The Camry edges the Sonata just slightly here, mostly because what are more expensive options on the Sonata are cheaper or even standard on the Camry. Most notable is the “pre-collision” system that includes a lane assist, pedestrian protection, and radar-enhanced cruise control. That said, the Camry and Sonata both get extremely high marks in crash protection and safety, so this is at best a squeaker for the Camry.


For some the conversation begins and ends here, and here the Sonata wins, starting at around $22,250, while the Camry is a bit pricier at $24,000. This holds right through to the top end, tricked-out versions, at $32,450 and $34,950 respectively. However, both are more expensive than their 2017 counterparts. However, the Camry might make up for it at the pump: Pound for pound, it’s the most fuel-efficient car, not just compared to the Sonata, but compared to all sedans.

Performance And Handling

While the Sonata is no slouch in this department, it’s beaten out by the Camry, which has a more powerful and more efficient engine, especially on the lower end. The Camry is also home to the increasingly rare V-6, so if you don’t want a V-8 but do want a bit more oomph, that’s an option. As far as handling, while neither car will ever handle like a racer, the Camry beats the Sonata—especially at higher price points, with sport-tuning options.

Can the Sonata take the crown from the Camry?


Both the Sonata and the Camry offer all the bells and whistles across their options packages, like backup cameras and in-dash entertainment/navigation systems. And for the eco-conscious, both come in hybrid models. Still, we’re going to give this one to the Sonata because it’s engineered to work well with both Apple and Android phones, letting your phone do the heavier lifting, and reducing the amount of frustration in actually getting those systems to work.


Who wins here depends on what you want. The Sonata has slightly more room than the Camry, although both make life miserable for the tall people in the back seat with a sloping room. The Sonata is also slightly higher, making it easier to get in and out of for some. The Sonata also has an easier-to-use trunk with more space and a hands-free opening option. But Toyota has a more luxurious interior designed around the driver. You should try out both interiors to see what draws your interest.

Which To Choose?

As you can see, it’s fairly close. In the end, you should test drive both, but the Sonata feels a bit more like a car designed around slightly more practical concerns, with its larger cargo area and its willingness to play nice with multiple types of phones. The Camry feels a bit more sporty and a bit cooler, while still being a sedan. Regardless of which sedan you choose, though, begin your search with the research from CarFoundMe.