Year 2001
Mileage 95000
Fuel Diesel
Urban consumption 5.2l
Average consumption 4.0l
Year 1998
Mileage 90000
Fuel Gas
Urban consumption 5.4l
Average consumption 4.3l
Year 2003
Mileage 85000
Fuel Gas
Urban consumption 5.6l
Average consumption 4.6l
Fiat Ducato
Alfa Romeo
Opel Zafira
Five Fuel-Sipping Cars Perfect for a Long Commute

When you have to drive to your job, especially a long commute, the gas gauge can become the most important part in your car. Instead of worrying about the tank going dry, commuters should pick up one of these cars that sip daintily instead of guzzling the entire tank.

BMW 3 Series vs. Infiniti Q50: What Are the Differences?

In the luxury market, it’s difficult to think of a name better known than BMW. The German automaker has been turning out high-quality cars for decades, and the 3 series sports sedan is among its most popular. But the Infiniti Q50 is increasingly turning heads and luring in buyers.

The Secret to Finding the Best Auto Loans

Many people buy their auto loans in the same place they buy their car. But while it may be convenient, it’s unlikely to be the best deal. The secret to finding the best auto loan isn’t having a high credit score: It’s the most common sense shopping advice you’ll find, to shop around before you buy.

Five Handy Car Safety Features for Winter Driving

Winter is here, and that means getting your car ready to deal with the worst winter can dish out. Whether you’ll be going through a foot of snow, or gingerly rolling over ice, here’s the safety features you need to stay safe on the road.

Five Key Considerations Which Will Help You Choose the Right Car

Buying the right car involves a lot more than just looking at the features. When shopping for the car you’ll have with you, there’s a lot you should consider, from your financial health to your future plans. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind as you shop for a car. What’s The Cost? It

What You Need to Know about Vehicle Recalls

Nobody wants to get a letter in the mail about a vehicle recall, but they happen on a fairly regular basis. So when that letter arrives, how do you deal with it, and why are you getting a recall in the first place? Why Do Recalls Happen? Essentially, a recall is a government-mandated process where

Does the Emissions Scandal Spell Disaster for Volkwagen Diesels in the US?

One of the most shocking scandals in the automotive world has been the revelation that Volkswagen had been cheating US emissions standards with its diesels. It was caught violating environmental regulations, angering consumers

5 Vehicles that Retain Their Value for the Long Haul

While there are several factors that need to be considered when purchasing a car, how long that particular vehicle will retain its value is one of the most important. Whether a person is searching for used cars for sale or new car deals, it’s necessary to find a car that holds its value. The following

A Deeper Look at Hyundai’s Growing Popularity

It wasn’t so long ago that Korean cars were seen as inferior and disposable. Brands like Hyundai were built to offer four wheels and an engine just long enough to get you to the point where you could afford a real car. But all that has changed: Korean cars have leapfrogged their Japanese and American

Should You Purchase that Extended Vehicle Warranty?

Whenever you buy a new car, one of the pitches that gets made before you drive off the lot is that you can extend your warranty past the factory one just by paying a small sum. It’s a fairly compelling argument, as it means you’ll get more coverage for your car. But before you put down cash for a longer