Year 2001
Mileage 95000
Fuel Diesel
Urban consumption 5.2l
Average consumption 4.0l
Year 1998
Mileage 90000
Fuel Gas
Urban consumption 5.4l
Average consumption 4.3l
Year 2003
Mileage 85000
Fuel Gas
Urban consumption 5.6l
Average consumption 4.6l
Fiat Ducato
Alfa Romeo
Opel Zafira
Five Tips for Negotiating a Good Deal on a New Car

New car prices aren’t set in stone. Many dealerships have wiggle room in the prices they offer you, you just have to know how to leverage it, and how to deal with attempts to get you to accept a deal that you may not want. If you want a good deal on a new car, remember these tips. Know Your Price

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Five Electric Vehicles That Don’t Cost a Fortune

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When looking at used cars for sale, one of the big questions is whether mileage matters. As a rule, a car that’s seen less time on the road will fetch a higher price than one that’s put a lot of asphalt behind it. But does mileage really matter? And when is it most

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