Top Car Features Moms Love

Top Car Features Moms Love

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sure it looks good, but does it have the right features?

Moms have a hard job, but fortunately, it’s relatively easy for them to find cars that make being a mom that much easier. Whether it’s tools to keep an eye on kids in the back seat or advanced features to help keep everyone safe, here are the features moms love.

Backup Cameras

Especially when wrangling kids or driving in a family-heavy neighborhood, backup cameras ensure everyone is safe inside the car and outside it. It helps with parking larger cars as well, making it useful for parents who’ve recently upgraded from smaller, sportier cars to larger, more spacious ones. If you hate backing up, or just prefer to know what’s going on behind your car, it’s perfect.

Conversation Mirrors

Commonly found in minivan models like the Chrysler Town and Country, conversation mirrors are mirrors that sit overhead between the two front seats and flip down to offer a full view of the back seat. They are ideal for keeping an eye on the backseat and settling arguments, or just ensuring that everyone’s behaving and keeping their hands on their proper side of the car. If you’ve got unusually contentious siblings, they’re a must.

Passive Braking

The reality of being a mom, or a parent, is that you’re distracted. Kids scream and argue. Dogs bark. Phones ring. Arguments break out. It’s not just annoying, however; it’s dangerous. Distracted driving can put families at risk, so, if you’ve regularly got a loud and noisy car, passive braking will give you a needed extra layer of security. It uses depth sensors to determine when you’re coming up on cars too fast and slams on the brakes. Available in cars from the Lexus RX to the Toyota Camry, it’ll soon be standard.

Sadly, classic cars don’t have the features moms need, just the look.

Stow-N-Go Seating

Every mom needs as many seats as humanly possible because you never know when you’ll help move a soccer team from place to place. However, there are also plenty of times where you need seats out of the way. Stow-n-go seating, or seats that fold flush with the floor easily, ensure that you can load up absolutely everything. It is not recommended that you pack a soccer team back there, though. After all, there aren’t any seatbelts.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some cars have extremely complex entertainment systems you can fiddle with for days, none of which anybody with children will use unless they’re willing to let their kids figure it out. Bluetooth connectivity means you can just connect your phone and run your favorite music app, the navigation system, or other useful feature without worrying about compatibility.

Hard-Wearing Upholstery

Even the best-behaved child is going to be messy. They can’t help it, of course, but it still means that you’ll be figuring out how to get milk out of the seats before it starts giving off a bad smell. So, when car shopping, making a point of figuring out which car is easier to clean will help a mom out.

If you’re a mom looking for the best car for your family, start with the research from CarFoundMe.