Year 2001
Mileage 95000
Fuel Diesel
Urban consumption 5.2l
Average consumption 4.0l
Year 1998
Mileage 90000
Fuel Gas
Urban consumption 5.4l
Average consumption 4.3l
Year 2003
Mileage 85000
Fuel Gas
Urban consumption 5.6l
Average consumption 4.6l
Fiat Ducato
Alfa Romeo
Opel Zafira

Buying a Car with Poor Credit? You Have Options

When you’re dealing with poor credit, sometimes it can feel like financing a car is in the same realm as buying your own island. But if you know where to look, how to shop, and what to do, finding a new car, or a car that’s

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How to Save Up for a New Car

Buying a new car can be intimidating on many levels, but the financial aspect can be the scariest of all. Buyers have questions ranging from how they can get a down payment to how they’ll fit a monthly payment into their budgets.

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The Top Benefits of Starting Your Car Search Online

Years ago, a car search began at the local dealership. You’d go from dealer to dealer, looking at what they had, and make a call. Fortunately, these days we’ve got the internet, and it’s a far, far better method for finding your car.

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